Horror Land

"World's First Horror Theme park"

This is to all the Horrorfanatics, the weirdos, the freaky kids that need their own creepy Disneyland that they can call home. As a kid I was always dazzled by horror movies, haunted house, monsters and most of all Halloween. I always wanted to share my creepiness with other freaks like me who share the same sick twisted views. So for years I always wanted to create a huge horror theme park for all the horror fans and Halloween lovers to all come together and be one.

I would like for everyone to please save the date: February 15, 2018 at 7 pm. I invite you and every "Horrorfanatic, Freak and Halloween Lover" to Dark Realms Presents: 
"Horror Land's Valentines Day Massacre" 🎃

(location will be revealed December 20th*)
This is an 18 and up special "Brand Opening" event to raise funds and awareness for my soon to be Haunted Houses/ Horror Theme Park.